The Night Cap Cafe is a celebration of the mushroom as a design solution in four thematic areas: health, innovation, interpersonal connections and sustainability.

In this space, customers can drink and eat functional mushrooms for help with focus, mood, sleep and other health considerations; as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

I have designed the space with customers’ social experience in the cafe at front of mind. I want people to enjoy eating and drinking mushrooms with opportunities to form connections with like-minded people and learn more about the limitless potential of fungi.

Equally, I want them to understand an optimism in the space, using the mushroom as a futuristic solution to our present-day problems. Therefore, I have design concepts which are inspired by the mushroom’s physical aspects, and have experimented with its derivatives as a building material.

Year: 2022
Role: Designer

West View Collage
Collage of South View

Collage of West View